Marketing & Consulting


All to often businesses do not have a solid plan or strategy. They invest in the typical advertising such as yellow pages, newspaper ads or radio and television just throw it out there to see what sticks. They sit back and wait. For what? Without planning, research, and analysis, your marketing efforts will fail. Let Goji Media help you plan by:


  • Managing the agency review and selection process to ensure the best fit for your needs and business style.

  • Making staffing recommendations for your organization.

  • Developing advertising and promotional plans and budgets that provide the greatest yield.

  • Selecting a winning advertising strategy.

  • Conducting media research and providing media plans.

  • Developing creative work plans and briefs.

  • Providing agency liaison and coordination.

  • Evaluating campaign effectiveness.

Printing and Direct Mailing


From reaching out to new customers to training employees, Goji Media can handle all your needs by offering:


  • Sales collateral materials

  • Print, broadcast and online advertising

  • Direct mail

  • Training and instructional materials

  • Video and multimedia productions

  • Proposals and presentations

  • Periodical publications

  • Signage and environmental graphics

  • Packaging and product graphics

Graphics Design


A periodical publication is one of the best ways to increase loyalty and retention among your members, donors, customers, employees and shareholders. Editorial vehicles such as magazines and newsletters (both printed and online) can also be great prospecting tools. Goji Media has the skills and experience to:


  • Design new publications and publishing systems.

  • Redesign existing publications to enhance their appeal and reduce costs.

  • Create advertising rate cards and marketing programs.